Lettie Belle is back!

Now that the youngest member of the LB team (Isla, 4) is at school full time, I can dance back into the studio, and relaunch with new designs. I'm so excited to bring you new characters and products, I've missed everything about running Lettie Belle. From the creative process, to connecting with fellow labels, blogging and marketing. We will be keeping our beloved current designs, and launching new collections. Scarlett, 7 is a bit of a creative consultant, so look out for her input! She has a great way with colour, and a firm idea of what she likes. Here's a picture of her from our first photo shoot, 4 years ago. Some of our new characters developed from her suggestions. While we prepare for the relaunch, catch up with our progress here, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Links on the home page. Laura X


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